Our Story

Welcome to freak house, a Gothic and Alternative shopping experience where things go bump in the night. 

If it's a little creepy, if it's something you might find under your bed after dark, if it's something that might make you cringe or jump sky-high, then that's our kind of stuff! Our merchandise includes Gothic and Alternative-themed apparel, backpacks, purses, handbags, accessories such as wallets and keychains and nice fashion jewelry.  We also carry a selection of home-decor items to help you scratch your dark-side itch.

If you are a little off-beat...  If you march to a different drum...  If you find other people staring at you a lot.... If you relish the dark side of life...  If you like things like dragons, skulls, spiders, witches, bats, skeletons, zombies, vampires, and so forth... Maybe your thing is Cosplay, Steampunk, or Anime...   Starwars or Battlestar Galactica...  Chances are you are in the right place!

We are trying to build an inclusive community of independent-minded folk of all persuasions.  We want everyone to feel at home at freak house.  We are inspired by those with a rebel spirit. We welcome all new friends, especially those who are living their own best life.

In addition to our own freak house branded items, we offer many items from other fine brands that are sourced directly from the brands and manufacturers we represent. We have good relationshps with all our suppliers and work carefully with them to ensure quality and availability of as many styles, sizes, and colors as we can accommodate.  We have many things in our shop that we do not offer online yet.  

We are based in Miami and we are a family-run business. Our family is an interesting melting pot of Texan roots and immigrants from around the world. We have a lot of our own freaks right at home in our family tree.

Please visit our Miami shop lcoated at 24420 S Dixie Highway, store B42 indoors at Redland Market Village.  You can also find some of our merchandise here on our own web site and on every major marketplace.  You can find us on every major social site as @FreakHouseMiami.  Please find us, follow, and share to help spread the word about our shop. 

Whether you prefer to shop in person, with Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, or Google Shopping we're easy to find. Check us out! It's a great way to see our many positive reviews, especially at eBay and Amazon.