3 Things You Should Never Say to a Goth

3 Things You Should Never Say to a Goth

If you feel you might want to embrace the Dark Side, or perhaps embrace a Goth, you might be welcome as long as you approach it right. Just be cool about it!

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In a world full of rainbows and unicorns, some people prefer to dive into the darker side of life. We're talking about the goth subculture—a group of individuals who rock their unique style, music, and lifestyle.

But hold on! Before you stick your foot in your mouth, let's talk about three things you should never say to a goth.

1."You would look better if you wore more colors” 

Alright, let's get one thing straight—goths know how to rock a dark look like nobody's business. Their dark clothing is like a canvas for their unique style. So, assuming a goth would look better by adding some color to their wardrobe is a big no-no. Trust me, they've got their fashion game on point, and they're proud of it!

Attraction is subjective. It's not about conforming to society's standards; it's about embracing individuality. Goths find beauty in the shadows, in the mystery, and in expressing themselves authentically. So, let's celebrate the diversity of styles and remember that beauty comes in all shades—especially the dark and mysterious ones!

2."Is this just a phase?" 

Oh, boy! That's like asking a vampire if they'll stop loving blood—it's not gonna end well.

Goth culture is more than just a phase; it's a way of life. It's a community built on passion, creativity, and embracing the dark side of things. So, instead of dismissing their interests, try engaging in a conversation. Ask them about their favorite bands, books, or art. You might discover a whole new world of interesting ideas!

3."Are you a Satan worshipper?"

Let's clear this up once and for all—being goth doesn't automatically mean worshiping Satan. Sure, goths may appreciate the darker aesthetics and the macabre, but that doesn't make them evil or devil-worshippers.

Goths are a diverse bunch with different beliefs and interests. They're all about expressing themselves, embracing individuality, and celebrating the artistic side of life. So, before you assume they're sacrificing goats or summoning demons in their free time, take a step back and appreciate their unique style without making assumptions.

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Remember, it's all about respect, acceptance, and living your best life by your standards, not anyone else’s.

It’s always good to celebrate creativity, individuality, and passion. If you think you might want to be part of this, you can embrace the dark side, but do it with an open mind and a willingness to understand. Don't push your own fashion preferences onto others, never assume their goth identity is a passing phase, and for the love of all that's dark and mysterious, don't jump to conclusions about their beliefs.

So, next time you meet a goth, give them a nod of approval, strike up a conversation about their favorite bands or artists, and show them that you appreciate all shades if life—especially the ones that make life a little more intriguing!

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